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Build Trust on Your Team

Learning how to build trust on your team is essential for a harmonious—and productive—workplace. A lack of trust can lead to internal issues and conflict as well, which his naturally something you want to avoid in any company. If you have employees hired from jobs in Canada, jobs in the UK, jobs in the USA, or jobs in Australia, you’ll need to take special care to build trust between them so that they—along with the rest of the company—can work well together. If you are currently looking for applicants, consider using a site such as Joblang, where you can find applicants with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at 4 essential ways you can build trust on your business team.

Treat mistakes as learning opportunities

One of the first ways you can help build trust on your team is to forge the notion that mistakes are to be treated as heinous offensives that must be punished. Mistakes—within reason—should be treated as learning opportunities. When a mistake is made, have an open discussion; talk about what went wrong and what needs to change. Employees who do not live in fear of punishment are more likely to own up to mistakes, and be willing to work on the problems that caused them in the first place.

Reconsider your employee handbook

One of the biggest trust blocks in any team is the presence of strict, draconian rules in the employee handbook. You can’t build trust when employees are worried about breaking one of countless small infractions, so have a look at your employee handbook and cull any strict rules that are not completely necessary for your business’ success and growth.

Encourage executives, CEOs and other top level employees to engage in informal settings with other employees

Employees naturally have a hesitancy to trust their superiors, especially if they are worried about getting in trouble or coming across poorly to CEOs, managers, and other upper level employees. One way you can build trust on a team is to have people from these upper levels regularly interact with employees in informal settings and in an informal way. This includes attending work functions and parties and mingling, heading into the break room, and so on.

Be willing to admit your own mistakes

In order to trust you, your team has to know that you are willing to own up to your own mistakes. Trust cannot be built if they feel you will brush your own mistakes under the rug, while highlighting theirs under a microscope.

Building trust on your team will not be an overnight, easy task and it takes a lot for businesses to reverse policies and habits that made trust difficult to build in the first place. However, if you practice the above tips to encourage trust building on your team, you will find that trust will develop gradually over time until your team is able to work as a cohesive and highly productive unit.

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