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Few Myths Regarding Wood Decks That You Must Have Often Heard

Following are few myths that many of you must have heard about wooden decks. Let us look at few of them in this article and find out what the realty is.

  • Wood decks can be hard to maintain

Whether a deck is made of wood or other material, it has to be regularly cleaned and sealed. Any dirt particles like carbon from the exhaust of the car may settle on the outdoor surface that is horizontally kept.

After a period of time, all the particles can make the surfaces to appear discolored and grimy. Therefore, to keep the wooden deck well maintained, you need to clean and seal the wooden surface regularly before the dirt settles down.

  • Wood decks will always expand or shrink

Wood can always expand or shrink based on humidity level present in the atmosphere. This will continue naturally as the deck gets wet during rainy season and dries up when exposed to sun.

However, if any sealer is applied on the deck then it can significantly reduce this expansion and shrinkage cycle, and also can be prevented from cracks and splinters. The sealer will then act as a barrier, that will reduce the amount of water that any wood may absorb and can limit its contraction and expansion.

  • Wood decks will not last

If you do regular cleaning and also sealing any pressure treated lumber then such decks can easily last for more than 20 years. Only thing that can shorten the life of a deck is either lack of care and maintenance or lack of ventilation under the deck. If the deck happens to be close to the ground then poor circulation of air underneath can rot the deck prematurely. Solution for that can be proper designing of the deck.

  • Lumbers are not eco-friendly

Trees can be very beneficial to our environment as they have the ability to absorb the CO₂ and generate oxygen. Also, lumber and various of its products that are made from wood can store carbon in their internal structures and can continue to contain carbon throughout their life.

Many myths about the wood is probably due to the misunderstanding of its various remarkable properties and also their performance characteristics. As a matter of fact, wood is one of the nature’s best building material, which is easy to work with and also has unbeatable strength. People have been using wood for their home construction since ages and hence we have got all the reason to believe that its popularity will further increase.

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