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How to Select A Perfect Custom Corrugated Packaging for Your Product?

The product packaging you are using for your product holds great value, in fact, more than you realize. It not only provides safety to your product, but also gives an identity to your company. Now, that being said, are you sure you are using the right type of packaging for your product?

Well, if you aren’t sure, simply answer the below mentioned questions…

  • Is your packaging representing your brand name and identity accurately?
  • Is your packaging more impressive and eye catching than your competitor’s?
  • Is your packaging sturdy enough to handle drops?

If your answer to any one of these questions is NO, then now is the time to revise your product packaging.

Selecting the best product packaging:

Since there are many packaging companies out there, it is possible now to acquire custom boxes that are more affordable than Packlane. Nevertheless, before you order anything, it is important to understand what is best for your product. There are no specific guidelines to follow when it comes to selecting product packaging. However, there are a few points which you must keep in mind before making a selection. They are:

Exact weight and dimensions of the product: The concept of one size fits all doesn’t work in the packaging industry. So, give the exact product dimensions along with the weight to your packaging designer.

Storage of the product: How and where your products are going to be stored is also an important point to consider. For instance, if your product is going to face multiple temperature changes, you may want to pack it up in something more suitable for such conditions.

Determine how fragile your product is: It is ideal to select the board grade depending on the product type. For instance, you will want a heavier board grade which will provide extra padding if your product is extremely fragile and not do well in case it takes a fall. You can use double grade corrugated board grade for this purpose.

Keep in mind the shipping method: How your product is going to be delivered is an important info to keep in mind during the designing phase. Also, it is necessary to know whether the product is going to be delivered individually, or it will be stacked, to understand how durable the packaging needs to be.

These points give a clear idea about what your product is going to go through before it is delivered to the customer. Now, it is your duty to ensure that it stays safe, secured and undamaged in the right type of packaging before it is delivered.

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