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What’s The Difference Between A Business Portrait And Headshot? Learn Here!

If you are interested in hiring a corporate photographer for your business, you must know the basics about different types of business photos taken. Most common are portraits and headshots, and both don’t refer to the same thing, although there are people who believe in that myth. In this post, we are discussing the difference between a portrait and a headshot, with tips on how to hire the right service for business portraits photography.

The differences

  • First and foremost, headshots and business portraits are not used for the same purpose. Headshots are more used for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, ‘about us’ pages and selected marketing materials, whereas business portraits are used for creative needs. For example, if you need the photo of your top performing manager for the company magazine, you will need a business portrait and not a headshot.
  • Secondly, business portraits are more realistic and can be clicked creatively at the same time, while a headshot is likely to be more professional. In terms of lighting, effects are more used for portraits, rather than headshots. Headshots are typically taken in a studio and without using extreme effects. Backgrounds for headshots are clean typically, because the entire focus is on the face. Background, as well as, foreground is more used for portraits, because storytelling is more important in this case.

  • Finally, the cost of taking business portraits is usually higher than that of headshots. Taking a headshot involves less work for the photographer, which is also why the cost is on the lower side.

Finding a service for business portraits

Start by reviewing the work of the corporate photography service. They must be known and should have enough work experience to share. Check samples of their photos and review their own website. If they cannot take good photos and business portraits of their people, it is easy to guess what they might be able to do for your brand. Pricing is obviously important, but you want to find a company that doesn’t cut corners for offering a cheap deal. Ideally, expect to pay somewhere around $150 for business portraits, but it depends on many factors, including the volume of work to be done.

Next time you want to get an expert for business portraits, check their previous projects and ask for a few references. They should be able to create a unique image for your brand through photos.

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